Las Vegas, Nevada Bass Pro Shops

Looking for the ultimate place to gear up for hunting and fishing in Las Vegas? If you've never experienced Bass Pro Shops, prepare for sensory overload. Connected seamlessly to Silverton Casino, this colossal hunting and fishing superstore spans two levels and offers just about anything to do with any kind of recreation that doesn't involve four walls and a roof.

Bass Pro Shops at Silverton Hotel Casino -

Here you'll find aisles of camping gear, fishing equipment, boats, and expert information on Las Vegas area recreation including nearby Lake Mead. There's even a gun range and an archery range on the premises. Bass Pro Shops at Silverton Casino is acres of every sportsman's fantasy, all designed in a rustic décor that's the perfect complement to Silverton style.
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3333 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas, NV 89139
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